About Us

We are a small lavender farm located on the picturesque Great Barrier Island just off the coast of the north island of New Zealand. 

Great Barrier Island is a special place, where its greatest challenges also inspire its greatest rewards. Without mains power or water, island living demands self-reliance. This wild unspoiled nature of the island was a big part of its attraction for us. 

For over twenty years now, we have owned a small bach up the valley from Medlands Beach. It has been our holiday home to enjoy the wild beauty of this Island. We are presently redeveloping our home as our permanent residence. On a summer holiday, about 5 years ago, we made an unplanned visit to a lavender farm, and were instantly enchanted. It fitted in with our ethos of homegrown natural health and sustainability. Lavender captivated us with its aroma, calm restorative properties and health benefits. And so Great Barrier Lavender Ltd. was born. In 2011 we joined the NZ Lavender Growers Society and now share our passion with many other growers in New Zealand.

We grow a variety of Lavender but have mainly focused on Grosso and Super for the abundance of oil they can produce. Presently we are drying all our lavender flowers and use them in our Soaps, Lavender Organza bags and Wheat-bags. We are also setting up our own Lavender distillation still and will soon be producing Lavender oil from our plants. For our range of soaps we only use coconut and olive oils and locally sourced Manuka bees wax and Manuka honey. They are as natural as you can make soaps.  We have also developed a natural Lavender water based roll-on deodorant and a Coconut Oil based Lavender Sleep enhancer.  Try them, they really work. To fill our product line, till we can develop our own, we have sourced from other lavender Growers, a Liquid Soap, Moisturiser and Talcum Power. All with the magical properties of lavender.

Great Barrier Island offers ample scope for both wild independent adventures, and lazy days on the beach (check out our 'Great Barrier Island' page). Let us share with you the tranquility of our lavender farm, and our love for this untamed and beautiful island.